1. Complete The Online Skin-Care Questionnaire

The skin-care questionnaire is designed to help me get a better understanding about your skin-type and what you are seeking to accomplish with your initial consultation.

2. We Will Schedule Your Free Virtual Beauty Consultation

I will contact you via your email address, to schedule your initial consultation.

3. Beginning Introductions

At the start of the consultation, we will introduce ourselves so that we can get to know more about each other.

4. We Will Discuss Your Skincare Needs

When the consultation begins, we will go over the things you showed a concern with when you completed the questionnaire.

5. Skin-Care Solutions

We will go over various solutions to meet your skin-care needs.

6. Daily & Weekly Regimen Q & A Session

We will develop a skin-care routine that you can follow on a daily and weekly basis.

7. Conclusion

We will conclude the consultation with both of us having spent quality item getting to know one another, while providing skin-care solutions that you are sure to love!